Interview with Dan Stone aka The Feminist Father

Dan owns the label of feminist whilst being very respectful and mindful of lacking a female lived experience and talks to us about his journey to feminism and why he advocates it now across social media and via his youtube-channel.

Interview with CEO of E2W and co-founder of Men for Inclusion Mark Freed on IDW 2022

Mark talks to us about his own journey on the road to equality, diversity and inclusion and discusses what the role of men is in achieving gender justice.

Video-entry by Mark Freed, CEO of E2W and co-founder of Men for Inclusion
Interview with Stefan Vandenkooy

Writer and TikTok sensation Stefan tells us a bit about his journey from "sexist little boy" to profeminist/feminist ally and talks about the "the feminist ache."

Interview with author of "I took her name" Shu Matsuo Post

We talk to Shu about men and Feminism, misconceptions around Feminism and why men would want to engage with Feminism. He also shares a bit about his personal journey and the women he admires.